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Jian chun Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 1988. The company mainly deals in the trade of pollution prevention equipment and precision instruments. Nanomaterials research and development department has founded in 2017. We focus on the development of process technology and equipment, and silver nanoparticle dispersion.

Technology and R&D support

Our team is composed of professionals in the field of nanomaterial development and related fields, and we also cooperate with academic institutions such as National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and Chia Nan Pharmaceutical University (CNU) to conduct research and development of products application. 


AgNP disperse Spray series

(Home and pet sterilization)


AgNP disperse Spray series

(Home and pet sterilization)

AgNP concentration (10~5000ppm)

Principle of antibacterial

The major antibacterial effect of silver is its partial oxidation and releasing silver ions, which interact with thiol groups of peptidoglicans of bacterial cell wall, and proteins of the cell membrane causing cell lysis. Silver ions can also bind to bacterial DNA preventing its replication and stopping synthesis of bacterial proteins.

When nanosilver close to viruses, fungi, bacteria or bacteriophages, it will attack the cell and damage the Biochemical reaction of bacterial or virus. Slow low dosage free silver ion release continue  Antibacterial property.

Characteristics of AgNP

Silver nanoparticle dispersion
Diameter (TEM) 30.0±4.0 nm Hydrodynamic Diameter 33.8 nm
Mass Concentration (Ag) 20-5000ppm Zeta Potential -40.2 mv
Particle Surface Sodium Citrate pH of Solution 6-8
Solvent Aqueous 2mM Citrate Silver Purity 99.99 %

Particle morphology

Size Distribution

Optical Properties

Applications of AgNP

From: Frontiers in Chemistry, February 2017 | Volume 5 | Article 6

Applications of AgNP for customer

Antibacterial Verification

測試方法: U.S.Pharmacopeia Microbiological Tests/<51>Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing

Antibacterial Verification of silver non-woven

Products Comparison

DLS analysis

Penetration Behavior of Nano silver particles and silver on the skin